all about me

When i’m older i want to have four kids,  i want to photograph the  pictures for magizens as my job. Right now i am in the EL program i like math and my favorite animals are otters, chipmunks, and squirrels.  My favorite color is blue and lime green.  I love EL.  I’ve wanted to get in ever since i was in 1st grade and my sister (Katie) got in. I am now in 3rd grade and i finally got in.  My 3rd grade teacher is Mrs. Winkelbauer. My EL teacher is Mrs. Schmidt. Well bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each Little Bird that Sings

Each Little Bird that Sings is a book about a girl who lives at a funeral home. She  living all her life with the dead more than the living and she is only 12! One day her Uncle has a strok and dies while sleeping, and six months later her Aunt Florentin drops dead in the garden. Sad life! Anyway, Comfort (the girl) hate her couisn Peach, and when he comes to the funeral he jumps into the casket and starts screaming! He run to Comfort and says he’s sorry. Now Comfort is so not ready to forgive him, but since she’s at a funeral she stays its okay. Comfort needs some time alone and even though it’s starting to rain outside she says she wants to walk to the Burial. Of course Peach still doesn’t think Comfort forgives him, so he says he wants to walk to. So they start walking and it starts to pour! Then Peach gets scard and runs into the swamp. The rain is so hard  now that the swamp is over flowing now and Peach starts to drown! Now, Comfort doesn’t like Peach, but she doesen’t want him to drown so she runs in after him. They get completely wet and get brused and scared, but finaly the swim into some bushes getting scraped in the progress and climb onto a rock. They wait there intil her dad finds them. They will be okay, but thay have been scarred for life.